Delegation accompaniment service

Do you receive visits from foreign delegations regularly? We offer assistance regarding entertainment, and we provide interpreters, specialist lectures or a sightseeing programme.

The district of Wolfsburg has a lot to offer with regard to information, exciting events and modules of further training schemes. Depending on your interests and time budget, you and your delegations have the opportunity to get to know the environment of Volkswagen AG and the Group's headquarters in Wolfsburg with its cultural attractions and a schedule full of interesting events, in addition to expert presentations. Furthermore we can arrange for professional and technical training courses, with a particular focus, or on an interdisciplinary level, according to the German Trade and Crafts standards, the German industrial standards and the Volkswagen standard.

Upon request such training courses can, of course, also be arranged outside the region of Wolfsburg at any other location.

Examples from our scope of services:

An individual training package can be composed for one-day training schemes or for several days, consisting of elements from the following three categories:

* Management methods in German companies
* German/European trademark and patent law
* ...

Professional/interdisciplinary training courses
* Intercultural sensitisation for European countries
* International project management
* ...

Cultural and adventure activities
* Visit of "Autostadt"
* Tour to the Volkswagen AG plant
* ...