Interpreting and translating services

In the course of globalisation it is becoming increasingly important to speak one common language. But the commercial language in many countries is not English, and certain levels of proficiency are not sufficient for business conversation.
In addition to our language courses, we provide interpreting and translating services, which you may need for your participation in trade fairs in the framework of expert presentations or business talks ‑ in addition to our general fair support services. In addition to the "usual" languages such as English, French, Russian and Spanish, we also offer a variety of other languages such as Danish, Hindi and Korean. Just contact us and ask!

In addition to the regular translation work, you can benefit from the fact that our interpreters do not only have a high linguistic competence, but also cultural competence. This way we can play an active role in assisting you in your meetings and business conversations in order to avoid misunderstandings with your business partners. For example, in some cultures people are not as direct as the Germans, but often the core message is to be found between the lines.