Language training courses

Different countries, different customs, different languages

How do I make a telephone call?
Which words are adequate in business?
Do I have to acquire specialized terminology?
How can I avert language barriers?

A language training scheme, specifically customised for your particular needs, will help you acquire communication skills in the respective language of your choice by means of active learning. Our foreign-language coaches (native speakers or 'near-native' speakers) will encourage the participants to speak in order to enable them to communicate with their international partners without restraints (in direct conversation, by phone or by mail).


Our services

Depending on the composition of the group of participants, we offer to teach the participants a particular terminology or to train them in conversations about topics of your choice such as the subject of technology. Before the training starts, we first carry out a needs assessment and analysis in order to determine your needs and wishes.
The training is characterised by its consistent practice orientation in order to generate maximum benefit for the participants. In addition to the language training modules, the instructors help to interpret culture-specific interactions and conversational structures. Our language courses also contain additional topics which are agreed upon by the instructors and the participants beforehand. Examples:

  • Sophisticated conversation in meetings and negotiations
  • Presentations in the respective language
  • Telephone conversations / conferences
  • Correspondence by e-mail and letter