Teaching Methods

Flexible schedules

  • Classroom or face-to-face training
  • Online coaching
  • Telephone coaching

Special ambience

A special training ambience promotes effectiveness and sustainability of cooperation, especially in a cross-cultural team.

We offer training courses and team development for cross-cultural teams, which can also take place at unusual places upon request and may contain special features such as, for example, business theatre or cooking.

Scope of methods

  • In addition to the classic mix of methods we also offer a broad scope of special methods which are applied depending on the target group and topic.
    Among other things we offer:
  •  Role plays with interaction analysis
  • Critical incidents
  • Case studies
  •  Short presentations and discussions
  •  Contrast culture method
  •  Sensitisation exercises
  •  Writing and reading, listening and speaking exercises

We will find the optimal training scheme, tailor-made for your personal needs.