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Agency for Intercultural Business - working for your international success

"Humans' natures are alike, it is their customs that keep them apart." Confucius


Nowadays international careers and internationally oriented business approaches are no longer unusual; they are quite common and an economic consequence of the general globalisation. However, cultural differences are often neglected, and this can have two types of effects: on the one hand, disregarding cultural differences can be the decisive factor for economic failure. On the other hand, however, cultural competence can be the key to international success. We, the Agency for Intercultural Business (AIB), have made it our mission to support you on your way towards international success.

When an authority, SME or a large industrial corporation 'goes international', this entails entirely new challenges, as the cooperation with international colleagues and business partners evokes completely new questions.

How do I gain access to international markets?

How do I behave in a business environment in a foreign country?

Can I make myself understood?

Do I understand my business partner's propositions correctly?

We can help you handle this challenge. With a network of international partners and experts, we can assist you to make international contacts and explore new markets. We combine cross-cultural training with your subject-specific demands and needs.

We are located in the InnovationCampus of Wolfsburg AG, we cooperate with a selected international pool of trainers and a network of experienced experts and contact persons from around the world. It is our intention to help our customers gain entrepreneurial leeway in the global economy by providing intercultural competence. We know the actual market conditions of the country you are approaching, we have access to the manifold resources of Wolfsburg AG, and with Volkswagen at our side we are a competent and efficient partner for you.